General Knowledge 1

General Knowledge 1

The rationing of which commodity ended in Britain on 26th May 1950?

general knowledge questions
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Who won the Open Golf Championship at Muirfield in 1959, at Carnoustie in 1968 and Royal Lytham in 1974?

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In which year was the composer Tchaikovsky born?

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Philomel is a poetic name for which bird?

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Which of the following Russian spacecrafts' name means 'east'?

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A hog is a pig, usually a castrated male. A hogget is a young what?

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Which king of France was known as Louis the Fat?

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The famous London store Harrods describes itself as Harrods of where ...?

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In which century where rockets first used in warfare?

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What does a pteridologist study?

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General Knowledge 1
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