Weekly Quiz Subscription Service

Here you’ll learn more about my weekly quiz subscription service

Wouldn’t it be great to receive fresh new quizzes every single week of the year, without having to lift a finger ? Let’s face it, compiling quizzes, that are fun, engaging AND entertaining can take an awful lot of time and effort ….

Even now as a full time quiz presenter, I know the effort and time it takes to come up with brand new quizzes every single week, without fail.

Creating handout rounds, finding just the right questions, compiling everything together … Each 2 hour quiz that I present each week, takes me a good few days to put together.

If you just don’t have the time (or the inclination) to create a fun and engaging weekly quiz, then my ‘Weekly Quiz Subscription Service’ is the perfect solution !

I’ve tried and tested all my Weekly Quizzes on live audiences (at least they were breathing when I presented them !)

I’ve ironed out any hiccups or mis-wordings of questions to make them as streamlined and correct as possible. (I’m only human afterall !)

The guests at my venues, cross all different ages too – from 18 year old, up to the more senior guests – My quizzes cover a spectrum of ages and most of all – They Work For ALL Ages !

I’ve crafted my quiz over the years and now have the following format :-

There are 5 sections within each of my weekly quizzes

– Handout Round (consisting of 4 rounds of 5 question – 20 questions in total) which is the perfect ice-breaker to any quiz event

– 10x General Knowledge Questions- 10x Gambit (essentially multiple choice) Questions

– 5x (Either Wipeout Round or Family Fortunes Round)

– 10x Music Round questions (Where intro’s of songs are played and guests have to provide the artist and UK release year) (Note: Although we’re unable to provide the music due to copyright reasons, we offer various ways of playing this round – depending on how you operate your quiz)

I always get tons of praise after each quiz, as guests love the different aspects of the rounds that I offer …

You don’t even have to use all sections of the quiz, if you don’t want to.

You could just pick and choose the parts of the quiz you think would suit your audience and then skip the rest … My best piece of advice is to try it all and see what works for your audience.

When you subscribe to my Weekly Quiz Subscription Service you’ll receive a brand new quiz each and every week, via email.

As an exclusive subscriber to my weekly quiz service, you’ll also receive EXTRA BONUS QUIZ MATERIAL every 4-6 weeks, as well as my top tips and tricks to keep your guests coming back week after week.

So how much does the weekly quiz subscription service cost ?

To receive a brand new quiz every week (Plus the additional bonus material and my top quizzing tips), is just £1 for the first week, then £4 per week thereafter … Payment is made via PayPal weekly (don’t worry, you don’t even need a PayPal account)

Can you cancel anytime ?

Sure, you can cancel easily within your PayPal account, or simply message me via my ‘Contact Us’ page and we can stop it on your behalf.

If the quizzes are not right for you, then I totally understand – however we do have lots of people who LOVE my quiz format and the quality of the quizzes I produce, but I know I can’t please everybody 🙂

Simply register via the button below to get access to the first of your weekly quizzes for just £1 !

After your first payment, you’ll be directed through to a special secure access web page, where you’ll confirm your name and email address ….

This is the email address we’ll use to send you your quizzes, so it’s super important you complete these details.

I look forward to providing you with my quizzes and hope you enjoy using the quizzes, as much as I have in compiling them for you !

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