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Weekly Quizzes

So if you are looking for a great fun quiz and a proven format for a weekly pub quiz, you’ve come to the right place …

As a quizmaster and presenter of a few weekly pub quizzes, I have created this section, so that you can either use this same proven format, or simply use it as inspiration for compiling your own quizzes …

Each weekly quiz contains an answer sheet AND professionally created handout sheet, so that you can print off as many as you wish, depending on the number of teams taking part.

Each quiz contains 5 rounds of questions …

Round 1 – Handout Round with 20 questions

Round 2 – General Knowledge with 10 questions

Round 3 – Gambit Round with 10 questions

Round 4 – Wipeout Round OR Family Fortunes Round with 5 questions

Round 5 – Music Round with 10 questions

The different rounds have different scorings available and the whole quiz is out of 135 points in total.

Some quizzes will have BONUS games included in them at NO EXTRA charge, such as WHO AM I ? or a TOP 10 List (These are bonus games included from time to time and can be run separate from the main quiz, for additional prizes to your main quiz). NOTE: These are NOT Guaranteed per quiz

Each quiz costs just £5 and you can get instant access to your .PDF weekly pub quiz (anytime of the day or night) … Simply Download, Print & Use !!!!

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Quiz 2019-2

Quiz 2019-3

Quiz 2019-4

Quiz 2019-5

Quiz 2019-6

Quiz 2019-7

Quiz 2019-8

Quiz 2019-9

Quiz 2019-10

Quiz 2019-11

Quiz 2019-12

Quiz 2019-13

Quiz 2019-14

Quiz 2019-15

Quiz 2019-16

Quiz 2019-17

Quiz 2019-18

Quiz 2019-19

Quiz 2019-20

Quiz 2019-21

Quiz 2019-22

Quiz 2019-23

Quiz 2019-24

Quiz 2019-25

Quiz 2019-26

Quiz 2019-27

Quiz 2019-28

Quiz 2019-29

Quiz 2019-30

Quiz 2019-31

Quiz 2019-32

Quiz 2019-33

Quiz 2019-34 (Added 6th Sept 19)

Quiz 2019-35 (Added 13th Sept 19)

Quiz 2019-36 (Added 20th Sept 19)

Quiz 2019-37 (Added 27th Sept 19)

Quiz 2019-38 (Added 4th Oct 19)

Quiz 2019-39 (Added 11th Oct 19)

Quiz 2019-40 (Added 18th Oct 19)

Quiz 2019-41 (Added 25th Oct 19)

Quiz 2019-42 (Added 1st Nov 19 – Halloween Quiz)

Quiz 2019-43 (Added 8th Nov 19)

Quiz 2019-44 (Added 15th Nov 19)

Quiz 2019-45 (Added 22nd Nov 19)

Quiz 2019-46 (Added 29th Nov 19)

Quiz 2019-47 (Added 6th Dec 19)

Quiz 2019-48 (Added 13th Dec 19)

Quiz 2019-49 (Added 20th Dec 19) Christmas Quiz

Quiz 2019-50 (Added 27th Dec 19) Disney Quiz

Quiz 20120-01 (Added 10th Jan 20)

Quiz 20120-02 (Added 17th Jan 20)

Quiz 20120-03 (Added 24th Jan 20)

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