Virtual Pub Quiz

HI all and welcome … I started to run my Virtual Pub Quiz around the 24th March 2020, as I wanted a way to keep in touch with my regular quizzers!

This was right at the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, as the pubs closed among the crisis and my income disappeared overnight.

My reason for getting the virtual quiz nights up and running, was to keep in touch with my regular quizzers and to keep some normality in an un-normal world!

Diversification has something I have found, part of my make-up, so turning my hand to other creative outlets, was just another string to my bow …

I am posting the videos from each live quiz I run below for your entertainments, or as a quizmaster, you may wish to borrow a question or two for your own quizzes.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the video’s below and can pass an hour or two during this crisis!

virtual pub quiz

Our quizzes run on a Tuesday & Thursday Evening, starting at 7.30pm BST – Click Here To Join Me

Thursday 26th March

Tuesday 31st March

Thursday 2nd April

Tuesday 7th April

Thursday 9th April

Tuesday 14th April

Thursday 16th April

Tuesday 21st April

Thursday 23rd April

Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 5th May

Thursday 7th May

Tuesday 19th May

Thursday 21st May

Click Here To Join Me

I will add new video’s to this virtual pub quiz page as I run them, so please check back regularly to watch the latest videos.

Please also subscribe to my YouTube Channel (it doesn’t cost anything) and you will be notified of new videos and also of any Live Quizzes I run, as this is something I am also looking to continue and build up !

Even if this page just gives you a few ideas of what you can do, as a quizmaster to help you through these times, I hope that I can be there for you too!

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