Trivia Quiz Questions 8

Trivia Quiz Questions 8

trivia quiz questions 8

Trivia Quiz Questions 8

Food & Drink
1. Which country does Calvados come from originally ?
2. Morel and Oyster are which type of vegetable ?
3. What type of drink would fino or oloroso be ?
4. Italian egg-shaped tomatoes are named after which fruit ?
5. What is the main ingredient of a caramel sauce ?

1. Which method of writing fast did Isaac Pitman develop ?
2. What was the surname of King Camp, who invented the safety razor ?
3. What did the owner of the Humpty Dumpty store in Oklahoma invent ?
4. The Penny Black was the first adhesive stamp, how was the Penny Red a first ?
5. What sauce did Henry Heinz invent in 1876 ?

Paintings & Sculpture
1. Also the name for a breed of dog, which English cricketer is a keen watercolour artist ?
2. Which English sculptor produced rounded forms such as ‘Reclining figure’ ?
3. Who painted Campbell soup tins and Marilyn Monroe ?
4. Which Spanish painter is known for his hallucinatory paintings ?
5. Which Egyptian sculpture is more than 73 metres long ?

General Knowledge
1. What name is given to dried and germinated barley ?
2. Which birthstone is linked to April ?
3. How many point are there in a perfect hand of cribbage ?
4. In which decade was the first Chelsea Flower Show ?
5. Who wrote the novel ‘Coming Up For Air’ ?

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