Trivia Quiz Questions 42

trivia quiz questions 42

Trivia Quiz Questions 42

trivia quiz questions 42

Trivia Quiz Questions 42

1. Which country’s World War I troops were nicknamed ‘Doughboys’?
2. Cox’s Cave and Jacob’s Ladder are amongst the features of which Somerset tourist attraction?
3. In what country was the explorer Christopher Columbus born?
4. In 1906, which US city was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale?
5. In which British city would you find Spaghetti Junction?

1. Which pop group also starred in their own television series ‘L.A. 7’?
2. In which musical does the character ‘Fagin’ appear?
3. Which rock group appeared in and played the music for the film ‘Tommy’?
4. What nationality are singers Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey?
5. What ’80s all girl pop band sang ‘Manic Monday’?

1. In which country does Parmesan cheese originate?
2. Topside is a joint of which meat?
3. Broccoli is a member of which vegetable family?
4. A ‘crepe’ is a kind of what French food?
5. Dim sum is a type of food associated with the cuisine of which Asian country?

1. What instrument does Captain Corelli play in the novel by Louis de Bernieres?
2. The opera ‘Falstaff’ is based on which Shakespeare comedy?
3. Open Sesame’ is a line from which of the Arabian Nights stories?
4. The most famous work of the late Douglas Adams is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the’ . . .what?
5. What is the pseudonym of British Spy writer David John Moore Cornwell?

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