Trivia Quiz Questions 37

trivia quiz questions 37

Trivia Quiz Questions 37

trivia quiz questions 37

Trivia Quiz Questions 37

1. Which mountain range, also the term for a book of maps, can be found in Morocco?
2. Which castle, on the river Dee in Scotland, is a private residence of the Queen?
3. The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans which British river?
4. Which country has a coastline on both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?
5. Which city contains the original Tate Gallery?

1. In A A Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ stories, what is the name of the little boy?
2. In J.M.Barrie’s story of Peter Pan what noisy object had the crocodile swallowed?
3. Which female author wrote the novels ‘Riders’ in 1984 and ‘Rivals’ in 1988?
4. In the nursery rhyme, who ‘…met a pieman going to the fair’?
5. Complete the title of this 1992 John Grisham novel, ‘The Pelican …’ what?

General Knowledge
1. On which BBC radio station would you listen to The Archers?
2. Sir Frank Whittle invented what sort of engine?
3. What do the letters N.E.C. stand for in ‘The Birmingham N.E.C.’?
4. What is the total number of letter slates in a brand new Scrabble set?
5. In which religion is the festival Hannukah celebrated?

1. In which US sport do teams compete for the Super Bowl?
2. In which sport are David Duval and Lee Westwood professionals?
3. In sport, in which year did Eric Cantona’s infamous ‘Kung-Fu’ kick take place at Crystal Palace?
4. In netball, how many players on a team are allowed to score?
5. Which South African athlete, famous for running barefoot, represented Great Britain in the 1984 Olympics?

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