Trivia Quiz Questions 36

trivia quiz questions 36

Trivia Quiz Questions 36

trivia quiz questions 36

Trivia Quiz Questions 36

General Knowledge
1. According to superstition, what, in addition to something old, something new and something blue, should a bride wear?
2. In Brazil, Who is known as Papa Noel?
3. Which political party was Douglas Hurd a minister for?
4. In Scotland, the first visitor to a house on New Year’s Day is known as what?
5. The banns’ are called for three weeks leading up to which ceremony?

1. In which sport has Colin MacRae been world champion?
2. Jockey Sir Gordon Richards won which horse race in 1953, at his twenty eighth attempt?
3. Who was the England cricket captain when they regained the Ashes in 2005?
4. Which English midlands football team is nicknamed ‘The Sky Blues’?
5. Which Derby-winning racehorse was kidnapped in 1983?

1. Joan and Jackie Collins were what relation to each other?
2. What was the first name of Prime Minister Lloyd George?
3. Who became Soviet leader immediately after Khrushchev?
4. In which industry is Bruce Oldfield a leading name?
5. Who is traditionally regarded as the patron saint of travellers?

1. Which 1980 horror film starred Jack Nicholson as the rampaging killer, Jack Torrance?
2. In which sci-fi blockbuster series does the animated character Jar Jar Binks appear?
3. Which comedian starred with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour in ‘The Road To…’ series of movies?
4. Which comedy duo came to England in the film ‘A Chump at Oxford’?
5. Complete the title of the 1998 British gangster film: Lock, Stock and…?

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