Trivia Quiz Questions 35

trivia quiz questions 35

Trivia Quiz Questions 35

trivia quiz questions 35

Trivia Quiz Questions 35

1. What geographical event occurred on Krakatoa in 1883? Volcanic
2. Which tree is named from the belief that one of the Apostles hanged himself from its branches?
3. Which imaginary line divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres?
4. In nature, a gingko is a type of what?
5. Which plant is the national emblem of Scotland?

1. In which ancient civilisation was Ra the god of the sun?
2. The Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered the construction of which famous Amphitheatre in Rome?
3. Which people were led by Attila?
4. In mythology, Odin was one of the principal gods for which civilisation?
5. In what year was the Battle of the Somme?

Food & Drink
1. Moussaka and souvlaki are dishes from which European countries?
2. Which US city did the Waldorf salad originate?
3. The food additive ‘Monosodium Glutamate’ is often abbreviated to what?
4. What ‘p’ is a hard Italian cheese usually served grated on food?
5. In food, farfalle and rigatoni are types of what?

1. Who rose to fame in 1999 with the single ‘…Baby One More Time’?
2. Who sang with Elton John on the 1976 Pop Music-topper ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’?
3. Charlie Watts has been the drummer with which band since 1963?
4. Which sportsman was the subject of Johnny Wakelin’s 1975 hit single ‘Black Superman’?
5. Which 2005 TV talent show winner had a UK number one hit with the single ‘That’s My Goal’?

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