Trivia Quiz Questions 25

Trivia Quiz Questions 25

 trivia quiz questions 25

Trivia Quiz Questions 25

1. Which football team did Paul Gascoigne first join as an apprentice in 1982?
2. What name is given to a female horse under the age of four?
3. What is the name of the Scottish game played on ice with ‘stones’?
4. In 1997 which horse race was delayed for two days by a bomb scare?
5. In which sport might a competitor perform a ‘Hiplock’ or a ‘Flying Mare’?

General Knowledge
1. How many inches are there in two feet?
2. What name is given to a beaver’s home?
3. In education, what did the ‘O’ stand for in ‘O Level’?
4. On which day of the year are hot cross buns traditionally eaten?
5. Paper and silver are types of which tree?

1. Eva Peron was from which South American country?
2. Which English county has a border with only one other county?
3. Which South American country has a border with ten others?
4. Pearl Harbour is on which island group?
5. The kimono is a traditional robe of which country?

1. Which Lord and ex-politician wrote the novel ‘Kane and Abel’?
2. Which author wrote the children’s book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’?
3. In the children’s story ‘Cinderella’, what vegetable turns into the carriage?
4. Which Irish author’s works includes ‘Ulysses’ and ‘Dubliners’?
5. Author Thomas Harris created which fictional character played on screen by Anthony Hopkins in 1991?

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