Tortoise Racing Software

Tortoise Racing Software is very similar to horse racing software.

Each of our Tortoise location races, runs 6 turtles per race and is a very exciting and fun way to bring that added excitement to any quiz night, race night or fundraiser night.

We have adorable animated Tortoises, who jet pack, bounce, scoot or snooze their way to the finish line in a variety of settings …

Each time a particular race is run, a random number toroise wins the race.

See it in action here …

First, Second and Third place are announced in the software, at the end of each race!

I use these races to give 5 bonus points out to those players who guess the winning tortoise, at the end of my quizzes, all while getting everyone to cheer on their tortoises past the finishing post.

You can however use these tortoise races and run a complete fundraiser night with them.

The fact that the software determines which turtle wins, every time you run the software, even the host does not know which tortoise will win, making it a fun and exciting way to operate.Take a look at a race in action here …

You will need Macromedia Flash Player installed on your laptop or PC to view and run the races!

Note: This is a digital product, delivered as a .zip file and ALL Sales are final.

Want to grab these for use at your own events?

We have a few different settings available to you …

T1 Tortoise Racing – In The Jungle – £50.00

tortoise racing software - in the jungle

T1 Tortoise Racing – In The City – £50.00

tortoise racing - in the city

T1 Tortoise Racing – In The Arctic – £50.00

turtle racing - in the arctic

T1 Tortoise Racing – In The Wild West – £50.00

turtle racing - in the wild west

All 4 T1 Tortoise Race Games (Bulk Buy) – £180.00

tortoise racing software

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