Music Bingo Cards

Music Bingo Cards

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If you’re looking for music bingo cards or a music bingo printable, you no doubt know that Music Bingo is a fantastic game to play with a crowd of people!

music bingo cards

Our Music Bingo Cards have popular songs, in place of the regular numbers..

The Host / Presenter then plays songs from a playlist and when players hear the songs that are on their bingo cards, they simply mark them off.

With various ways to play such as all 4 corners, a line and a full house, Music Bingo, is the game that’s taking the world by storm!

We have combined peoples love of both Music and Bingo and smashed them together, to create our version called ‘Boogie Bingo‘ !

Everyone WANTS to play Music Bingo!

There are music bingo printables available from my Boogie Bingo store, with cards for up to 50 players, 100 players and 200 players.

With a variety of games to choose from and new ones being added regularly, you’ll find our music bingo games both affordable and exciting to play.

Running our Music Bingo games, also provides a great way to raise much needed funds for many charities and organisations.

Sell each music bingo card at just £5 / card.

If you sell just 100 Tickets, that’s £500 generated. Give £25 for a line win and £175 for a full house, equates to £200 given out as prizes, which leaves £300 to go towards your charity / fundraiser – And that’s on just 1 game!

If you can get local companies to donate prizes, which can then be offered as winnings (in return for a bit of free promotion/advertising) instead of awarding a cash prize, then any funds generated can go towards your cause!

It’s a Win-Win all round!

Our Music Bingo Games are SO Much fun and with our pre-made Bingo cards and Spotify playlist to bring everything together … It makes running your music bingo game a snip!

Check out our Printable Music Bingo Cards Here

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