Handout Quizzes

Handout quizzes are a great addition to any quiz event or regular quiz night.

They set the tone for the event and are a great way to start ANY type of quiz … In fact, these are the exact handout rounds that I compile myself and use in my own quiz nights !

My handout quiz rounds are a series of puzzles, questions, missing words, link words, missing letters, anagrams and a whole host of other devilish puzzles for your teams to ponder over !


Each quiz has 4 sections, each with 5 questions to answer or puzzles to solve, making a total or 20 points available in the first section of your quiz.

Why waste time trying to come up with questions, or even sifting through quiz books, when we’ve done all the hard work for you – Simply, Buy – Print – Use !

Each quiz is delivered as an individual .PDF file and is instantly delivered, upon receipt of payment !

Each handout round costs just £2.00 (Or just £1.50 Each with Bulk Buy Option Below), saving you the time of compiling them yourself !

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