Disney Quiz Questions And Answers

Disney Quiz Questions And Answers

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Welcome to Our Disney Quiz Questions Quiz with Answers

This is a Disney Themed Quiz with 5 Rounds of quiz questions.

Round 1 is a Handout Round with 4 Rounds of 5 sets of Questions:

  • Disney Blockbusters
  • Movie Quotes
  • Missing Letters
  • Disney Pairings

disney quiz questions

Round 2 – Contains 10x General Knowledge Disney Questions

Round 3 – Is a 10 Question, Disney Multiple Choice Round

Round 4 – Is a 5 Question ‘Disney Wipeout Round’

Round 5 – Is a Disney Music Round (Music is not provided, due to copyright restrictions, however, you’ll be able to find the tracks on Spotify to use, if you have an account!)

A Tie-Breaker is also included in the game, should there be a tie between 2 teams.

Your Disney Quiz also includes a BONUS ‘Who Am I?’ Disney Character game, which you can run separate from the quiz, to award a bonus spot prize !

Disney Quiz Questions And Answers Quiz is just £5.00 and is available as an Instant Download, so you’ll be able to print & play straight away.

As you receive a digital file, you’ll be able to print as many of the handout rounds as you require

This quiz has been tried & tested in a real pub environment and is great entertainment for the whole family.

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