Dingbats Quiz

dingbats quiz

Dingbats Quiz ??? What bats ?

Yeah, I know it’s a strange name for a quiz round but Dingbat quizzes (sometimes called rebus quizzes) are basically Catchphrases, in cryptic written form or images.

So, the idea is to try and work out a specific well known catchphrase, saying, band, song title, film etc. from the words and images shown for each dingbat !

Dingbats quizzes are very popular as handouts at quiz events, as they are not easily googled to find the answer and require lateral thinking to work out the answer.



Dingbat Quizzes 1-3 – £4.50 (Equates To £1.50 Each)

(This is a ZIPPED FILE, just unzip to access)

Our professionally designed Dingbat Quiz On Demand products are available as an instant access download and cost just £1.95 Each 🙂

Each dingbat quiz has 10 cryptic answers to solve !

Dingbat Quiz 01

Dingbat Quiz 02

Dingbats Quiz 03

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