Audio Music Quizzes

Welcome to our Audio Music Quizzes …

These can be used as a standalone quiz for a bit of fun, or integrated into your quiz night, at any stage in your quiz.

Our audio music quiz rounds contain 10 songs from different era’s, which have all been recorded in reverse.

Each quiz features a set of songs (along with the answers in a separate PDF) for players to guess.

If you want to play along too, just don’t peak at the answer sheet until you’ve played the track.

Each Music track is delivered as a high-quality MP3 format, in one continuous track, with no numbering added, meaning you can add it to the start, middle or end of your quiz, in fact wherever you like!

Each music quiz is just £2 and you’ll have instant access, as soon as you have completed your order.

We hope you enjoy these music quizzes … More audio music quizzes will be added over the coming weeks!

MH-014 Audio Round – £2.00 (Instant Access)

MH-015 Audio Round – £2.00 (Instant Access)

2020-12 Round – £2.00 (Instant Access)

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