RichardHi, My name is Richard and I am a quiz presenter, based in West Yorkshire …

I have been presenting quizzes since 1988 in public houses throughout West Yorkshire and one of the most well respected and sought after quiz hosts throughout our beautiful county (and sometimes further afield !)

I am an avid quiz fan of the many quiz programmes on TV, always testing my own general knowledge and seeing what I know (and can remember).

The quizzes I compile and continue to bring to this site, is a summary of my life long work and commitment to the entertainment industry.

This is my way of giving back and letting others benefit from the quizzes I have personally presented, as well as brand new quizzes I write each week.

I’m here to entertain all my visitors and always welcome feedback (good or bad – It’s the only way the site will improve).

Some questions can go out of date from time to time, so I always advise you check on the answers and use your own discretion, when using these in your own quizzes.

If you spot anything that’s out of date and needs updating, please let me know here.

quiz night

Pub Quiz Questions and Answers is your ideal partner for YOUR quiz night.

Quiz nights remain a highly popular form of entertainment throughout the UK, USA and many other countries too !

People love quizzing and testing their general knowledge …. Testing what they know and what they don’t know (or where they need to brush up on their general knowledge).

Pub quizzes come in many forms and tend to start off with a handout round, usually followed by a series of questions broken down into categories and often finish with a tie-breaker, should there be a tie for first place.

Popular quiz categories include Geography, History, Music, Sport, Art, Literature, Film, Science & Nature, Food & Drink and The World at Large, to name a few !

So what can you do with our quizzes? 

Well, you can download any of the quizzes on our site to use them within your own pub quiz, charity event, function, in fact – Pretty much anywhere (other than selling the questions !) ….

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