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printable christmas trivia quiz

Printable Christmas Trivia Quiz

Welcome to our printable Christmas Trivia Quiz page …

What’s better than getting together with family and friends to test out your Festive Christmas Knowledge.

It’s one of the best times of the year and the perfect time for letting your hair down and being entertained (or the one doing the entertaining).

printable christmas trivia quiz

Want to have your chance of being the quiz host, using our Christmas quiz ?

Well now you can …

Each year, we’ll be releasing a brand new festive quiz to try your hand at.

Here is the Festive Printable Christmas Quiz

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Handout Round 1 – Letters From Santa, Sing The Song,  The Grinch Stole My Letters, Looks Like Reindeer (20 Questions – 20 Points) You’ll receive a professionally designed 20 question Handout Round (Just print as many as you need)

Round 2 – Ho Ho Ho … Do You Know ? (10 Questions – 10 Points)

Round 3 – Quizmas Multiple Choice (10 Questions – 50 Points)

Round 4 – We Asked 100 Festive People (5 Questions – 25 Points)

Round 5 – Having A Musical Quizmas (Christmas Number Ones) (10 Questions – 30 Points) – Music is not supplied, due to copyright, however you could create a spotify playlist, if required !

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