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Our next Facebook Live Quiz is on Tuesday 7th April 2020, starting at 7.30pm

You’ll be able to come back here and access our Handout Round (for FREE), from around 5pm, plus it will be uploaded to my Facebook page HERE

In light of the recent Covid-19, coronavirus, like so many others that have been affected, the major part of my income has completely disappeared overnight 🙁

So, I am now running two weekly quizzes online (Tuesday & Thursday Evenings at 7.30pm via Facebook Live) Join Here, to help both keep myself sane and also as a way of keeping contact with my current quizzers, as well as anyone who wishes to join in, as a little bit of fun and lightheartedness in the current world of madness!

Payment to play and take part is not required or expected, however, I am accepting donations, which would be gratefully received and accepted in these turbulent times.

I’m looking forward to returning back to my regular quiz nights and hope that I can keep you entertained in the meantime, while all the craziness is going on …

Stay safe guys!

Pub Quiz Questions And Answers is a digital online business, therefore the quiz site itself will remain open and will continue to operate for anyone who wishes to buy quizzes from us!

All our quizzes are set up for instant digital delivery, so once your order is complete, you’ll have full and instant access!

I thank you for your support

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